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Hands on: Google Glass

Google Glass, the wearable computer that almost every geek wants to try out, has landed for testing in Australia.

I got my hands on one of only two samples at Google’s Sydney HQ this week and wondered if the masses would adopt it when it becomes available

“Probably the strangest thing about Glass is the way it delivers sound. “

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard got to them way before me in February while Google’s CFO was in Canberra. Then Ms Gillard said wearing them was “a remarkable experience” and I tend to agree.

I only had an hour and a half with them and found them comfortable and lightweight. When it came time to finish the road test, I didn’t want to take them off.

At the moment, Glass is only available to a select number of developers who paid $US1500 for them at a Google conference and 8000 “Explorers” who entered a competition where they had to pay the same amount if they won.

Essentially Glass is an extension of your smartphone or desktop computer. It shows you information through an optical head-mounted display that appears as though its screen is about 2 metres in front of you.
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