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Hello, new year. Hello, new Chromebooks. 2014

HP Chromebook

Repost from Caesar Sengupta, VP, Product Management Google.

In the past year, the way we use computers continued to evolve. Around the world, more than 2.4 billion laptops, tablets and smartphones were purchased — that’s over 4,500 devices per minute — and over one-third of people worldwide now have consistent access to the web, helping us work, play, learn and connect with each other.

Chromebooks were designed for this new way of computing, and their popularity over 2013 reflects these trends.Two of the three best-selling laptops on Amazon this holiday season and 21% of all commercial notebooks sold through the channel were Chromebooks. Today, eight top computer manufacturers are building Chrome devices, with thousands of retail locations selling Chromebooks, and resellers like CDW are offering them to businesses, schools and governments.

Whichever Chromebook you have, Chrome OS stays fresh. New updates like the supervised users feature beta preview, make it easier to share Chromebooks with everyone in your family, including those who may need guidance browsing the web. Quickoffice is also now built into every Chromebook allowing you to work with Microsoft Office files offline, while Docs, Sheets and Slides all work offline as well – so you can keep working without an internet connection. In the education market, Lenovo and Dell introduced education focused Chromebooks, adding to a family of devices verified to meet Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessment requirements with software from AIR and Pearson Testnav8.

With 2014 in swing, there’s plenty more in store. Starting at the Consumer Electronics Show, several of our partners welcomed new additions:

  • Toshiba introduced their first Chromebook, a 13.3-inch device based on the Haswell microarchitecture, balancing performance, portability and affordability.
  • LG Electronics introduced the first Chromebase, a 21.5-inch All-In-One unit, combining the simplicity of Chrome OS with an elegant, integrated hardware package.
  • Acer announced a moonstone white version of it’s popular Acer C720 Touchscreen Chromebook line.

As the way we use computers continues to evolve, the need for a faster, simpler and safer computer grows. With the continued support of our users and partners, we’re looking forward to an even bigger 2014.

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